#61 -Dr. Sara Mazrouei - How The Moon Teaches us About Our Past!


In this week's episode, Brendan is joined by astronomer Dr. Sara Mazrouei. Sara is a planetary scientist with a focus on The Moon and how we can use it to learn about the history of the Solar System. She is also a science communicator and the Space Matters Lead at the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration at Western University. In this episode Sara and Brendan discuss how we study the history of the Moon and the Earth, what it teaches us, why public perception about science is important, why SPACE MATTERS!, and potential reasons why we observe a STEM Gender Gap. 

To learn more about Sara, visit https://saramazrouei.com/, follow her on Twitter/Instagram @scicommsara, or visit Space Matters at https://www.spacematters.ca/.