#27 - Dr. Julia Young - How History Can Help Us Understand Modern Immigration to the U.S.


This week on TSOTU Brendan is joined by Dr. Julia Young. Dr. Young is a historian of migration. Her prize-winning book, Mexican Exodus: Emigrants, Exiles, and Refugees of the Cristero War (Oxford University Press, 2015), examines Mexican religious exiles, political refugees, and labor emigrants in the United States during Mexico’s Cristero war. She has published scholarly articles in The AmericasThe Catholic Historical ReviewMexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, and the Journal on Migration and Human Security. Dr. Young has been a fellow at the Kluge Center at the Library of Congress, as well as the Institute for Policy Research at Catholic University She is currently researching a new book about right-wing Catholicism in Mexico during the twentieth century, and she frequently writes for the media about immigration, border issues, and Catholic immigration history.

She is also a frequent contributor to the Washington Post. 

Check out some of her fantastic articles:

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